Over the Trees

Over the Trees recorded their upcoming debutalbum at their own bedrooms and living rooms, and used the local church and a empty parking garage to get the right amount of organic reverb that´s surrounding singer and songwriter Eivind Frustøl’s voice.

This new act from Oslo, Norway shows yet again their talent for melody, fragileness and attitude with their upcoming single «Garbage Crown». Heavily inspired by artists such as Sigur Rós, Blonde Redhead, The Beatles and Radiohead. Almost a year after their first single frequently aired on radio stations such as NRK P3 and Amazing Radio, Over the Trees is releasing their second single on September 11th.

«Things» is a perfect blend for autumn sun in your face, and yellow leafs on your hat" - Ruben, NRK P3

Booking & Press:
Jonas Widlund / Astronaut. - jonas@astronaut.as

KAjAK Recordings - post@astronaut.as